Do I really have to give a play by play recap?? Did you not see it??  Beyonce did her thang thang thang!  Lawd have mercy.  Love her or hate her, you must give her the props.  The woman can perform baby.  I don’t have much to else say.  The video speaks for itself.  Loved the DC mini-reunion.  Kelly gave it to em hunty!!

Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys also sang and both were phenomenal.  African American women made history at the 2013 Superbowl.  Black Girls Rock!!!

By the way, guess I should say something about the actual game.  I didn’t have a favorite at all.  I celebrated for the drinks and commercials, but since I am an East Coast girl, I’m glad the Ravens won.  Tis all.

Peace, Luv and Dance, -elle

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