Yes, I am a little late in blogging about the CIAA in Charlotte, but better late than never right?  It was my first time attending and man was it a mistake not going sooner.  There were so many events to attend.  Stepshows, Career Expo and First Lady Michelle Obama joined area school children for a Let’s Move! event.  There was also a lot of celeb events and performances.  Kid Capri, Anthony Hamilton, Dougie Fresh, TI and Tiny, French Montana, Rick Ross, for the ladies – Common, Laz Alonzo, Idris Elba (should slap myself for not going to that) and NeNe Leakes and nem to name a few.  For my first time though, I opted to attend a few HBCU Alumni events. First up was the day party at RE-PUBLIC and Phoenix, which took place simultaneously.  Now I am an HBCU graduate and the word on the street is THE place to be during CIAA is the Legends of Troy party.  You know you are about to party when you have to rent out two clubs thrown by one promotion team.  Let me just say this….the energy at both clubs was crazy, the DJ was bananas, the people were beautiful and the networking was fantastic.

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The next day party was good as well, but what I enjoyed most about it was the entertainment. I pride myself in being a music lover and, professionally speaking, there is absolutely nothing better then seeing an indie artist perform.  I am a Tri-State area girl, by way of NJ, and although I am very familiar with DC Go-Go music, I do not hear it as much as I use to.  When the DJ introduced a female Go-Go Band named Be’la Dona, a friend of mine said, “These girls are BAD!  You are gonna love them”.  Really I didn’t know what to expect.  Just saw a female band, and since I am all about supporting ladies in the entertainment industry, I was hyped.  But when they started playing, let me just say those chicks were bad as h***!!!!!  Yeah I said it.  They were phenomenal and had the crowd hyped.  They had a feminine vibe and killed the stage.  Don’t believe me?  You decide.  Video is not from the actually event but you definitely need to check them out.httpv://[/youtube]

Overall, CIAA is the “it” place to be.  No it’s not about the groupie photos you see on the web.   Yes it is definitely about having a good time.  My advice to anyone going is to pace yourself.   Do not fall asleep like I almost did.  Next time I will actually attend a basketball game, even the Super Saturday event with the cheerleading exhibition.  CIAA is, after all, an athletic tournament.  Until next time……Peace, Love and Party oops I mean Dance 🙂  

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