misty copeland and the black female dancers

Last week Misty Copeland made history as the first African American female to be promoted to Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theater.  I was reading on Facebook and someone admitted they didnt even know who she was until now.  I laughed.  I bet he does now.  🙂  Though I am not a ballerina by any means, I do know it is so difficult being a black ballerina.  They do not always get the opportunities that other people get so this is why Misty Copeland’s promotion makes me so happy for her and other daners in the ballerina world.

As I sat back and thought about Misty, I thought about myself being a dance artist and artist in general.  For many it’s “cool” being artistic and creative but what people don’t know is artists spend practically their entire lives training, working and focusing on their art.  Not just dancers and choreographers but also musicians, designers, singers, actors, painters, film makers and so on.  So when being promoted to principle dancer for a major company happens, it is HUGE!!!  And to top it off she is a black female.  Even bigger.  Regardless of color, when it comes to artistry as it pertains to what you do for a living, there are alot of naysayers telling you that you are not good enough, you’ll never make it or you are “pipe dreaming”.  In fact, most people are doubtful and many even laugh at you.  Years ago, someone once told me, after I said I want to be a choreographer, “No I don’t see it.  You’re too old, you need to give up on that.  It will never happen”.  Wow ok.  LOL.  The reality is this, the only person that will totally believe in you is you.  The journey is tough but you must be tougher.  At times you will even doubt yourself but always listen to that inner voice telling you not to stop.

Yesterday I saw that the Huffington Post composed a list of black female choreographers and dancers to watch and thought it is so worth mentioning.  A couple of my favorites are listed. 🙂 🙂

26 Black Female Choreographers And Dancers You Should Know

I can not tell you how proud I am of Misty Copeland and all the little brown girls that now want to be ballerinas.   I am also proud of all the black female dancers, choreographers and creatives that hold on to what they believe is their calling.  Keep rising to the top and be the example that others will follow.

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