I love a great “support local artists” event. I love it even more when it’s in New Jersey. So imagine my delight in attending a fabulous event, at Boaaah in Hoboken, called RAW: natural born artists. Prior to last week I had never heard of RAW at all. I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation by email, probably because in doing research they found I am a local artist myself. Just a guess.

So what is RAW natural born artists you ask? Well RAW is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists; an international community made up of creative individuals across the globe. They host showcases in over 60+ locations worldwide within the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. WOW!!!

There are several reasons why I believe the RAW showcase is worth supporting.

1) It was a well-organized and professional showcase, which by the way was absolutely phenomenal. It was more of a music showcase slash vendor bizarre slash fashion show slash networking affair slash party. The vibe was laid back yet full of hype. No pressure to “work the room” but easy enough to meet attendees and other creatives. Everyone was super pleasant and seemed to be having a great time. Yes I know many of you have attended these types of events before but being a New Jerseyan, there are not many events of this caliber in the Northern NJ area. It put a different spin on your average artist showcase.

2). They support artists of various creative genres under one roof, which in my opinion is a superb niche. There were various types of artists showcasing their work. I was able to connect with painters, photographers, jewelry designers, nail and make-up artists, fashion designers and performing artists. Here is a small list of those that represented: Urban Kween Brand – Designer/Artists/Photography, Sandy Lee @ Hot Nails, Elton Leonard – Artist Illustrator, 3CF Studios Photography, Shy U Conceptual Artist, Lynda Edwards – Artist, Meghan Brown – Freelance Photographer, Diego Pagbon Photography, Apple of My Eye Makeup, Love and Bond Photo booth and Que Erica – Jewelry Designer. There were many more but unfortunately I could not get to everyone. The place was packed!

3) Although the organization host many showcases around the county and internationally, this type of extraordinary underground event took place right here in Jersey. No need to go across the Hudson River IF you do not want to. Stay right here in NJ and support the local emgering artists.

Over all I had a wonderful experience. I absolutely loved it! So not only will I be attending the next event in June, I will also consider attending the upcoming event in NYC AND I need to jump on the opportunity to submit my work to potentially be selected for a future show.

Check out some of the photos and please make certain to go to their website at www.rawartists.org to support one of their events. You will not be disappointed. Kudos to Ms. Jessica La Rotta , RAw Jersey City Showcase Director, her staff and the entire organization for allowing emerging artists the opportunity to display their crafts.

Peace, Love, Dance and Design
-elle boogie brown

RAW Collage 1
RAW Collage 2
RAW Collage 3
Elle at Love Booth

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