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No one would believe it if I told them but I actually acquired an undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandise.  Well the major was  titled Textiles Apparel Merchandise Management.  For some reason, Fashion Merchandise sounds….easier.  I did though.  I went to school to study fashion.  I wanted to be a buyer.  Then I wanted to be a stylist.  Hey I just loved fashion.  I was always a person that marched to the beat of my own drum.  Just had to be different.  Wore what I wanted to wear, not what others thought I should.  Many called it weird, I just called it……me.  Anywho.  Me wanting to be a stylist turned into wanting to do artist development.  I went from buyer to stylist to artist development.  I was all over the place.  The luxury of being young.

Fast forward say several, and I do mean several, years later, who knew I would actually get back into fashion but not in the form of clothing.  Rather in the form of custom crafted beaded jewelry.  What originally started out as me wanting to get back into crafting, has now turned into Elle Mayo Designs by Dance Roots Etc.  Who knew that one of my true loves I just knew I had divorced would re-emerge into more than another hustle.  Who knew the thought of feeling like “dang did I waste my mom’s money on a college degree I am not using” would come full circle into a small business.  Who knew?  Who knew that I would become an artiste that enjoys designing.  Who knew?  Well here I am writing on my blog  Dance and Design.  The design in Dance and Design is for designing jewelry and also art, print, web, stage just designing.  It’s wonderful!

If you ever find yourself coming full circle, take full advantage of the opportunities it presents itself.  Life is a road that has lots of bumps and bruises.  Even though you may plan it one way, you never know the turns it can take you.  Never take anything for granted.  One day you could be scatter brained and the next, you could be an entrepreneur.  Let me add, if you ever happen to become a creative individual, remember, you must always be business minded.  Take some business and law classes.  It will take you far and you will be respected.  Just one to grow on.

That’s all for now.  I plan to post some of the photos from those photoshoots I was once involved in.  Stay tuned.

Until next time.  Peace, Love, Dance and Design.

Check me out at my site Elle Mayo Designs by Dance Roots Etc. and on Storenvy Elle Mayo Designs (Storenvy)

Be Unique, Be Eclectic, Be Elle Mayo Designs.

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