Pole Dance Classes for Little Kids, Um……HUH?!

More like WTH!?  For adults, pole dance classes are fun.  I really enjoy them.  Not only have many women said it makes them feel sexy, but additionally it’s a fantastic workout.  In other words, to me, it’s sexy fitness.  I remember my very first pole dance class.  It was in Maryland and I took an Intro class with a group of friends.  To see the instructor doing pole tricks, I was rather amazed.

Take a look at a little bit of this video.


Let me ask you a question.  Nothing against the pole dancer in the video, however, would you allow your daughter or son to take a pole dance class?

If I had children my answer would be a super duper extra no!  You can only imagine my total shock when I heard there is studio in Canada where parents have requested to have pole dance classes offered to children as young as five years old.  Their reason?  The kids are using their poles at home and they want them to learn how to use it properly so they won’t hurt themselves.  Really?  Is that how parents are getting down in 2012?  Are you parents completely out of your mind??  Where exactly do you draw the line?

Here’s the additional crazy part.  The class is called Little Spinners and the cost is $70 per hourly session.  Now that is pimpin!!!    You really do not mind your young child sliding, swirling or spinning on a pole?  I guess you wouldn’t mind if someone started to make it rain on ’em.  Gross and disturbing right?  Well this is exactly my point.  According to an article in the Huffington Post, the instructor even had a nerve to say “I mean kids love climbing trees. They will climb anything”.  I am shaking my head at that comment.

Plan and simple pole dancing is for adults only, not for children especially due to the sexy nature of most of the dance moves.  Even if the instructor’s argument is there are no sexy moves, the point is a pole is involved and we all know how poles are used.  Feel free to check out that video again.  In my humble opinion it is all a complete and utter FAIL!!!  Parents please do yourselves a favor and keep your five+  year old in a ballet or movement class.

I do plan on taking another ADULT pole dance class in the near future, and I plan on blogging about my experience.  Until then…… Peace, Love, Dance and keep your kid off the pole!

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