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2014 New Year New Journey

Happy New Year!  When I think about 2013, it was a good year for me.  I continued on my dance journey, and I also discovered an additional love and source of income, designing beaded earrings called Elle Mayo Designs by Dance Roots Etc.  Both have been good to me.  I’m in a good place and a much better head space.  Now as I move onto 2014, I am going to label it New Year, New Journey.  That’s the first thing that has come to my mind.  I will continue to grow Dance Roots Etc. (my motto is I can teach ANYBODY how to dance and give a good stage show so I will concentrate on bigger and better opportunities ) and expand on Elle Mayo Designs (I’ll start making beaded bracelets and anklets) but the new in new journey will be to:

1.   Get out more and enjoy life.  The past few years have had me  doing way too much tunnel vision.  I am no longer going to do that.  Life can’t always be about the next opportunity.  That’s the easiest way to let life pass you by.  I promise to live and laugh more.

2.   Do something different.  French cooking class anyone?  Or maybe a helicopter ride.

3.   Learn and educate myself more and more.  I have been taking those Coursera courses.   They are magnificent!!  I plan to enroll in an entrepreneurial certificate program, maybe Boston University.  🙂  Here is a resource link to other free online courses.  http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/20-places-educate-yourself-online-for-free.html

and last by not least

4.  Appreciate those that appreciate me.  I saw a post on Facebook that said “There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who won’t even jump puddles for you”.  Nice post.  Think I’ll use it.

This year will be another great one.  Maybe you can take some of these suggestions and use them for yourself .  Stop for a minute to enjoy your life because it’s a  New Year, New Journey.

Peace, Love Dance and Design.


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