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Here is my new stylish, edgy look for 2014.  I call it “the big chop not so much”.  In the natural hair community, when you decide to go natural and cut your hair it is called the big chop but I wasn’t intentionally trying to go natural.  I just felt like cutting my hair, what little I already had, thus the name “the big chop not so much”.  A few days ago after doing my own personal earring photoshoot, I decided to turn my selfie into a new photo using Photoshop and the Pic Jointer iTunes app.  It is really easy to do if you want to try.  Here are the steps:

1. In Photoshop open the image you want to color. No hair 3

2. If it is in color, to change your photo layer from color to black and white, first duplicate your original layer by Right Clicking on your Original Layer and hit Duplicate Layer .  Go to  Image-Adjustment-Hue/Saturation.  Move the Saturation tab to -100.

3.  Select the Quick Masbutton.   Quickmask

4.  Select the Paint Brush on the toolbar.photoshop-brush-tool-icon   Go to the Brush at the very top of the  page then select a smooth brush.  Use the defaut settings for mode, opacity and flow.

5. Begin painting over the lip area as precisely as possible. 

6.  After covering the lips, click on the Normal Mode button (see above photo).  You’ll notice that the area which you just filled in with color is now selected.

7.  Add some color to your selection. Click on Layer – New Layer Fill – Solid Color.  Go to Mode Drop Down Menu and choose Soft Light. Choose any color you like.  Click OK.  Save the picture.

No hair 3 bw with blue lips

8. Repeat step 7 to switch to different colors by double clicking on the color box on the Color Fill Layer.

Color Fill Layer

After saving all of the separate lip colors photos, I used the Pic Jointer Iphone app to make the above stylish mini photo shoot picture.  That’s it.

So now I am a part of the stylish and edgy section of the natural hair community, that is until I decide to change my look.  When I do, I will come back with another mini photo shoot tutorial. 🙂

Until next time,

Peace, Love, Dance and Design.


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