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I love the gym, however, if told you I wasn’t tired of trying to eat right and stay fit, I would totally be lying.  It seems like all of my life I have been on this journey.  When I was a teenager I was pretty body conscience as most youngs girl are.  I was small in the chest and big in the bootie.  Back then having a big butt wasn’t so “popular” so needless to say, I tried to hide it alot.  When I was in my twenties, I gained alot of weight, well alot for me at that time.  I joined Weight Watchers and lost 20 Ibs. in two and a half months, which was great.  My downfall was I became very hard on myself.  I didnt even want to eat gum in fear of getting on the scale and gaining .1 pounds.  Terrible.  At that time, I didnt work out much.  With the exception of walking and dancing, I didn’t like working out at all.  I hated aerobics, wasnt into weightlifting.  The only fitness I did on a consistant basis were those model workouts, which were really hard, and Donna Richardson.  Oh and anything dance fitness related.  And by consistant basis I mean once every week….maybe.  I have always had a flat stomach so me doing sit ups?  Ha!!  Fast forward a few years (insert smile), I am still hard on myself as it pertains to eating, but I am finding that now I have to exercise.  I cant just rely on trying to eat right.  I tried joining Lucille Roberts and didn’t like it much.  I had a membership and a trainer at Bally’s but that place is just a pick up spot.  If you see that I am getting my workout on, WHY are you trying to hit on me?  Sigh.  I joined the YMCA but they are expensive for no doggone reason.  Now I go to Planet Fitness.

I used to hate running.  Truth is, I was so intimated by it.  It looked so hard.  One day I thought to myself, I’d like to run a 5K.  It was on my bucket list.  Remember, fitness, outside of dance and walking, was not a love at all.  That thought stayed with me for a while until two years ago.  I became the Chairperson for the Physical and Mental Health committee with a local organization.  The committee took part in a 90 Day Journey to Health and Wellness Program along with hosting a 5K Walk/Run.  The “how to eat right” portion of the wellness program was easy for me.  I will say this about Weight Watchers.  Because I started so young, I was able to learn how to portion control and know what foods I should and shouldn’t eat.  How to look at labels and understand the food pyramid.  That knowledge I carried into the program.  The 5K walk/run was my main focus.  FINALLY I could scratch that 5K off my bucket list.  I “trained” for a good 3 months and used the Couch to 5K app and successfully completed that run.  Throughout my training I even did those body weight interval trainings.  Pinterest is great for finding various exercises.  It helped alot.

So now, here I am at the gym (or outside)…often.  It is so important for me to stay fit.  I try think of it as getting fit instead of trying to always loose weight.  I can not look out of shape trying to help someone else dance.  No I can’t do that.  I am always researching various forms of exercises, you have to switch it up, so I add weights to my workouts now.  I still run/jog.  I went from struggling on running/jogging/walking 3 miles to jogging 6 miles.  My latest goal is a 10K so I train outside and at the gym, adding in my weightlifting.  I am able to lift alot with my lowerbody and I am up to lifting the 20 pound weights for my upperbody.  I try to switch up my overall workouts so other forms of exercise like swimming, aerobics, pilates and yoga.  I get bored pretty easy but I think I finally got the swing of this thing called fitness.  Maybe one day I’ll add some form of fitness service to Dance Roots Etc. but for now I’ll continue to enjoy this journey of health and wellness.  Gym is definitely my new boyfriend.  I don’t mean that literally at all.  lol.


Post jog.  It was hot out and it was hard.

Until the next time,

Peace, Love and Dance (Fitness)

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