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choreography/creative directing

The art of choreography consists of a person serving as the director of the dance piece, executing the theme and vision, then turning it into a polished performance. DRE offers a diverse range of dance styles and will teach performers how to manipulate the movements to bring the music to life. Through creative directing, your vision for the show will be developed into a working concept to make that vision a reality. Expect precision, high energy, and a show-stopping experience.

artist/brand development and movement coaching

Our artist and brand development services aims to identify and support talent by providing them with the necessary resources, training, and opportunities to hone their skills and reach their full potential. Let us assist you with your brand to create your style, personality, stage presence and message.

Through our movement coaching services, we’ll help teach you the mechanics of movement to improve your overall performance.

dance instruction

Get a great workout, improve your dance skills for performances, or just have fun. Learn a variety of dance styles such as stepping/strolling, hip hop, dances of the African diaspora, HBCU cheerleading/dance, and dance fitness. Build strength, stamina, and self-esteem. Our classes will provide a fun and challenging workout. We cater to beginner through advanced-level individuals.

music editing and voiceovers

High-quality music edits for live events, performances, choreographers, cheer and dance teams, pageants, fitness/dance instructors, and competitions. Includes sounds fx, cuts, edits, fades, and voiceovers, to produce one track. We also do voiceovers for any existing piece of music, pre-mixed track, or project.


We provide various design services.  Visit the Elle Mayo Designs design studio.